Robert M. Price is the author of scores of books and articles on the Bible and religion, including Beyond Born Again, The Widow Traditions in Luke-Acts, Deconstructing Jesus, The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man, The Da Vinci Fraud, The Reason-Driven Life, The Pre-Nicene New Testament, The Paperback Apocalypse, Inerrant the Wind, and The Case against ‘The Case for Christ.’ He is the weekly host of the podcast, The Bible Geek and a twice-monthly host of The Human Bible. Dr. Price has served as Professor of Religion at Mount Olive College and pastor of First Baptist Church, Montclair, NJ. He has PhDs in Systematic Theology and New Testament from Drew University.


A Unificationist Gospel
Amorous Archons in Eden and Corinth
BOOK REVIEW: The Ideal in the World's Religions: Essays on the Person, Family, Society and Environment. Edited by Robert Carter and Sheldon Isenberg. St. Paul, MN: Paragon House. 1997.
Contextualization as Incarnation
Dynamics of Messianism
The Marginality of the Cross
The Seven-Sealed Comic Book: The Book of Revelation in the Graphic Novel Kingdom Come
Was Jesus the Son of the Priest Zacharias?