Dr. Robert S. Kittel is Director of Education for UPF-Asia. He received his doctorate in education from the University of Bridgeport and has been a visiting professor at the Unification Theological Seminary, his alma mater. His publications include: "Uganda's Success Can Be Replicated: Cooperation between Government and Faith-Based Organizations in the Fight against AIDS," "Combating HIV/AIDS: What works... What doesn't...," "CLUE 2000" the first character-based abstinence education curriculum for adolescents directly aligned with the eight-point Federal guidelines, "Understanding Nandi and the Shiva Lingam from a Principled Perspective," and "Two Paths to Peace" a 5-year case study of Nepal's peace process.

“They Shall Be One Flesh”: Fulfilling the Ideal of Creation through the Family
Headwing Democracy: A Vision for Nepal
Understanding Nandi and the Shiva Lingam from a Principled Perspective