A Subject Index of UTS Divinity Theses on Unification Topics - Comparative Studies

Article Index

Comparative Studies

Bliss, Mary Louise. "The Family: A Comparison of Two Contemporary Views: Communism and Unificationism." 1981, 67 pp. (see also Communism and Family)

Brazil, Michael Allen. "A Comparison of the Roman Perception of the Early Christians and Americans Perception of the Unification Movement." 1989, 102 pp. (see also Unification Movement History)

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Burton, David. "Illumination and Universal Prime Force: Augustine and Unification Thought." 1990, 124 pp. (see also Unification Philosophy)

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Deurwarder, William Dexter. "Messianism: Divine Mystery or Human Misunderstanding? A Comparative Study of Three Messianic Traditions." 1999.

Fehlberg, Werner. "The Sacraments and the Blessing: A Comparative Study of Catholic and Unificationism on the Mediation of Grace." (1990) (see also Unification Theology/Restoration)

Flowers, Joseph. "The Doctrine of Forgiveness in the Judeo-Christan Tradition and in Unificationism." 1988. 102 pp (see also Unification Theology/Restoration)

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Haft, Lawrence. "The Hasidic and Unification Movements: A Comparative Analytical Study. 1992, 111 pp.

Hansen, Mary R. "Jewish, Christian and Unification Views of the Fall and Their Implication for Women." 1982, 54 pp. (see also Gender Studies and Theology/Fall)

Henning, Timothy Lyle. "Charismatic Renewal and the Unification Pentecost: A Comparative Analysis." 1988, 127 pp.

Isham. "A Comparison of Sikhism and Unificationism: A Basis for Dialogue" 1985. (see also Ecumenism/Interfaith)

McKnew, Elizabeth. "Relationality within Unification Theology and Process Thought." 1987. (see also Unification Philosophy)

Meijer, Maarten. "The Ministries of John Wesley and Sun Myung Moon: A Comparative Study." 1991. (see also Moon, Sun Myung)

Nyeon, Sa Heum. "A Study of the Concept of Filial Piety in Korean Philosophical Traditions from a Unificationist Perspective." 2007, 94 pp. (see also Ethics)

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Ribble, Sarah. "Marriage in the Thought of Jesus, Paul, Augustine and Moon." 1987, 86 pp. (see also Family and Moon, Sun Myung).

Sawada, Naomichi. "Universal Salvation: Comparison between Christian Doctrine and Unificationism." 1998, 78 pp. (see also Unification Theology/Restoration)

Stacey, Stephen. "I Am, Therefore I am Grateful: An Analysis of Gratitude within Judaism, Christianity, Confucianism, and Unificationism." 1990, 167 pp.

Swarts, Fredrick Allen. "Discussion and Classification of Various Christian Views of Humankind's Resurrection and the View of Resurrection According to Unificationism." 1982, 96 pp. (see also Unification Theology/Restoration)

Takase Tsutomu. "The Nature of Love and Nurturing in Western and Easter Religions" 1997, 211 pp. ["Comparison and Discussion Between Traditional Religions and Unificationism About the nature of Love and Nurturing, 148-206]

Wettstein, Peter. "The Concept of the Human Being in Ch'ondogyo and Unificationism." 1991, 118 pp.