A Subject Index of UTS Divinity Theses on Unification Topics - Gender Studies

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Gender Studies

Lagrotteria, Frank. "Rosemary Radford Reuther: Commentaries on Her Main Works from a Unificationist Perspective." 1994.

Hansen, Mary R. "Jewish, Christian and Unification Views of the Fall and Their Implication for Women." 1982, 54 pp. (see also Comparative Studies and Theology/Fall)

Nomura, Stephen Kazahisa. "God as Masculine Subject Partner: The Relationship between God, Human Beings, Angels and All Things in the Original World." 2000, 110 pp. (see also Unification Theology/Creation)

Williams, Kerry. "A Theological Investigation of the Images of Eve." 1987, 163 pp. ["A Unificationist View of Eve," 91-150]. (see also Unification Theology/Fall)